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Harry Potter Parties!

Krafty Kidz are delighted to offer a Harry Potter themed birthday party!  The possibilities for these are endless but here is a small selection: 

  • Making chocolate frog boxes (chocolate frogs included)

  • Winged keys

  • Potion making

  • Ministry of Magic memorandums

  • Polystyrene dragon eggs

  • Ceramic dragon eggs

  • Snitches

  • Sorting Hat fortune tellers

  • Monster books of Monsters

  • Letter carrying owl

  • Wand decorating

  • Wooden Hogwarts trunk

  • Stuffed Mandrake

  • Bookmarks

  • Face cloth owls

  • Lolly broomsticks

  • Cornish Pixie jar

The children create 3 masterpieces within the 90 minute party, therefore the cost of this runs inline with the Platinum Package which is £10.50 per head.

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